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              1. Products Catalog
                Contact US
                Address: 7F, The Disabled Service Center Building, West Side of Meiling Road, Jinjiang, Fujian, China
                TEL: (86-595)-85600609
                FAX : (86-595)-85674572
                Visitor Pre-registration: Click Here
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                Since 1999, Jinjiang Footware(Int’l) Exposition, China has been held for 20 times with a total show space of 71000 square meters, the visitors cover more than 70 countries and regions across the world and hundreds of cities at home. The exposition has drawn numerous exhibitors from through the world, it is acclaimed as one of the “Top ten charm exposition in China” for its vast range of exhibited products, meticulous on the site services and a fascinating array of supporting events and has become the “Barometer”of the globe footwear industry.

                Against the backdrop of China’s vigorous promotion of sports and the increasingly improved industrial chain of sports in Jinjiang, and in response to the trend in sports industry, the Jinjinag Footware(Int’l) Exposition has been upgraded into the Jinjiang Footwear & Sports Industry International Exposition, China since the 20th Exposition, the exposition has made great achievements, energized the industrial transformation and upgrading and become an essential engine in the economic development of Jinjiang. The 21st Jinjiang Footwear & The 4th Sports Industry International Exposition , China is due to take place from April 19-22,2019 in Jinjiang, Fujian Province with a show space of 60000 square meters and 2200 international standard booths, covering finished footwear products, sporting equipment, footwear machinery and auxiliary material for footwear, the year’s exposition will take the initiative to connect the strategies of “ one belt and one road”,”internet “ and “Intelligence Manufacturing 2025”, adhere to the exhibition ideas of “internationalization and specialization” organize more than 30 purchase merchants, as a carrier and platform for the enterprises to seek information, make friends and do business, and help turn the city into one featuring sports and international creativity.

                The 21st Jinjiang Footwear & The 4th Sports Industry International Exposition , China welcome all of you to participate in the footwear exposition and make the exposition more wonderful.

                General Information

                Exposition name

                The 21st Jinjiang Footwear & The 4th Sports Industry International Exposition , China

                Exposition dates and opening hours

                April 19-22, 2019

                Opening Date: 9:30am, April 19, 2019

                Open Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm,April 19-21, 2019

                                       9:00am-3:00pm,April 22, 2019

                (Exhibitors should be in place at 8:30am and available to serve on the opening hours.)

                Closing Date: 3:00pm,April 22, 2019


                No.1 exhibition hall, machi city, jinjiang, Fujian, China.


                60000 square meters, with 2200 international standard booths.