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                        Contact US
                        Address: 7F, The Disabled Service Center Building, West Side of Meiling Road, Jinjiang, Fujian, China
                        TEL: (86-595)-85600609
                        FAX : (86-595)-85674572
                        Skype : michelleding79@hotmail.com
                        Wechat : 13850759218
                        Whatsapp: 008613850759218
                        Visitor Pre-registration: Click Here
                        Home > Exhibitors Center > Application

                        Application form
                        Company name: *
                        Owner:  *
                        Add: *
                        Tel:  - - *
                        Fax:  - - *
                        Contact person: *
                        Direct phone: - - *
                        Mobile phone: - *
                        Product catalogue: *
                        Company brief:
                        ----------Behind the belt"*"Number of items must be completed ----------
                        Booth catalogue
                        Standard booth: (Piece)      No.:
                        Raw space : (m2) No.:  Totaled (RMB):
                        Seal and Signature: Date:

                        1)After filling the form clearly and submitting it , the exhibitors should pay at least50% of the required cost ( the rest is due to be paid before March 18th, 2016, if there is any . ) And send the remit voucher and exhibiting files to Jiniiang Exhibition Affairs Co.,Ltd . either by mail or fax . If the money is not paid duely, the Organizing committee will not reserve the booth and is entitled to handle the paid money and keep these exhibitors from any participation of its exhibitions in the future.
                        Please refer to Expenditure for payment.
                        2)Applied enterprises that are confirmed by the organizing committee are subject to all regulations in the brochure.In case of violation, exhibitors should take punishment from the committee referring to the brochure.
                        3)Since fake and forged products are not welcome , all exhibitors should be qualified by concerned departments and can take on legal responsibilities independently.
                        4)Once this application form is signed and sealed , it is egally valid . The organizing committee reserves all rights to the booth arrangement .
                        5)If any booth facility is needed . please contact the Organizing Committee one month in advance.