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                        Products Catalog
                        Contact US
                        Address: 7F, The Disabled Service Center Building, West Side of Meiling Road, Jinjiang, Fujian, China
                        TEL: (86-595)-85600609
                        FAX : (86-595)-85674572
                        Skype : michelleding79@hotmail.com
                        Wechat : 13850759218
                        Whatsapp: 008613850759218
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                        Jinjiang Exhibition Affairs Co.,Ltd.

                        Add:7F, The Disabled Service Center Building,  West Side of Meiling Road,  Jinjiang ,Fujian, China

                        Tel:(86-595)-85600609/ 85664572 /85303030

                        whatsapp/wechat: 0086 13850759218


                        Skype : michelleding79@hotmail.com

                        E-mail(MSN)jif@cn-jif.com  ; michelle@cn-jif.com


                        Contact Persons:Michelle Ding / Lyttans Li