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                        Contact US
                        Address: 7F, The Disabled Service Center Building, West Side of Meiling Road, Jinjiang, Fujian, China
                        TEL: (86-595)-85600609
                        FAX : (86-595)-85674572
                        Skype : michelleding79@hotmail.com
                        Wechat : 13850759218
                        Whatsapp: 008613850759218
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                        Jinjiang Travel Agency
                        Jinjiang is noted for its historical sites and scenic spots. It has 71 above-municipality level historical relics and natural reserves, including the Anping Bridge known as the longest crossing-sea bridge Caoan Temple reputed as the only perfectly-preserved manicheism monument in the world and the submarine forest in Shenhu Bay which is rarely seen in the world. In recent years, Jinjiang is devoted to developing its tourism. The well-chosen "day trip around Jinjiang" begins at 8:00 in the morning at the weekend and only costs RMB 99 per person.

                        The Travel Agency as follow:
                        Jinjiang Travel Agency Tel:(86-595)85669200
                        Jinjiang Shunda Travel Agency Tel:(86-595)85688081
                        Jinjiang Qinglian Travel Agency Tel:(86-595)85674678