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                        Contact US
                        Address: 7F, The Disabled Service Center Building, West Side of Meiling Road, Jinjiang, Fujian, China
                        TEL: (86-595)-85600609
                        FAX : (86-595)-85674572
                        Skype : michelleding79@hotmail.com
                        Wechat : 13850759218
                        Whatsapp: 008613850759218
                        Visitor Pre-registration: Click Here
                        Home > Purchaser Center > Visa application

                        Entry visa to China is granted against the official invitation extended by the Jinjiang Shoes Fair. Please go to the Embassy or Consulate General of P. R. China with the Invitation to get the visa.

                        There are four more options:

                        【1】In case of the absence of a Chinese Embassy in your country, kindly approach the Embassy of P. R. China in a neighboring country.

                        【2】Visa Section , Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in the Hong Kong SAR.
                        More Info>>

                        Address:7th Floor, Lower Block, China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai District, Hong Kong SAR.

                        【3】Fair visitors can also entrust the visa application to China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd.
                        Address:1/F., Alpha House, 27-33 Nathan Rd., Kowloon, Hong Kong
                        If you need help, please contact Office of the Organizing Committee of this Session of the Shoes Fair.